The Best Office Chairs

You can pick up an office chair for fifty dollars if you so desire. In that price range there are a number of different designs, colors, and materials to choose from. However, if you will be doing long hours in your chair then it is likely that you will want a better chair. It is also likely that a better chair will leave your body feeling better about spending hours in it. However, knowing which chair to get and how much money you have to spend in order to get a good chair can be really hard to know. There are good chairs available at a couple hundred dollars, but for the best office chairs you will have to spend more.

Herman Miller Mirra or Aeron

When it comes to office chairs Herman Miller has had a lot of success with the Herman Miller Aeron. Over the years this has become one of the best office chairs available. It is made of mesh that breaths, has a million different adjustable features, and conforms the the person using it. The Aeron costs nearly $1000 and that can be hard for some people to dish up. The Mirra is a less expensive version at about $600 to $700. It offers the advantage of a one size fits all, but adapts to the sitter in a way that buying used can be a bad idea. All in all, the Herman Miller Mirra and Aeron get some of the top marks out there.

Leap by Steelcase

For a more traditional look you may want to check out the Leap by Steelcase. This chair will still cost you about $1000, but it a very comfortable leather chair. The chair is very durable, extremely sturdy, and a good seat for long hours at the desk. It is also one that will go with your décor better should you not be interested in the futuristic look that modern mesh chairs have. Most importantly it has a flexible back and a great gliding seat. Plus with a lifetime warranty for most parts, ten year warranty for seating mechanisms, and a three year warranty on the fabric it is likely to hold up over the years.

Liberty by Humanscale

The Liberty has a mesh backing allowing plenty of air flow for your back, but a great cushion for your bottom. It also offers a great amount of reclining, lots of movement and adjusts to your body without all the levers and knobs. Because of the counterbalance system it feels much more natural than other chairs. Just relax and your body and the chair will work together for a great comfortable sit. However, you will spend about $1000 for this one as well.

While there are times that you can spend less for something just as good, when it comes to a comfortable office chair that is good for you and your body you will do best if you spend more. By putting out more for your office chair you will get a more. You will also do your body a favor if you are spending hours in the office chair. The more time you spend there, the more it matters.

Selay Mattress Promotions

First, let us point out that the Sealy mattress promotions are strictly the marketing concepts of companies selling Sealy products. The Sealy Company itself, located in Trinity, North Carolina only has one marketing concept on its collective mind, “Get A Better 6 Hours” of sleep with Posturepedic. If you doubt the validity of these statements, call the company’s customer service line at 1-800-697-3259 and ask.

According to a customer service representative, Sealy focuses upon improving the product others market for the company. Their staff wants to ensure customers using Posturepedic sealy mattresses do receive the opportunity to realize the best six hours of sleep Sealy can manufacture a mattress to enable. Their staff realizes that most of us only receive an average of eight hours slumber time each day, and their company wants to make a mattress that eliminates the pressure points on a person’s body which cause tossing and turning. The Sealy staff believes their mattress products absorb and disperse pressure from the body, while at the same time providing push-back support.

Apparently, there have been a wide variety of Sealy mattress promotions. The majority have been like BOGO sales, ‘Buy One, Get One’ free deals. In the case of large ticket items like mattresses, this many times translates to half off your original purchase. Although there have been some store promotions where the designation means free two day delivery. The current largest promotions are similar in terms to the half off your original purchase, and are meant to coincide with the current Holiday Season. One source believes these X 2 promotions seem to have started with Sears, but we were unable to confirm that.

Some of the Sealy Posturepedic models included in this sale are the Candle Glow Cushion Firm II full size and queen size, the Alford Plush II king, the Midnight Serena, the Candle Glow plush, the Cason Bay plush king size, the Spring Blossom queen size, the Cason Bay plush queen size, the Isabella LE firm king, the Candle Glow Plush Euro Pillowtop II king and the Cason Bay Plush Euro Pillowtop II king mattress.

It is always a good idea to research purchases even though there is a sale going on. Most stores offer mattress buying guides which help with your personal selections, additionally, there are guides on how to shop for your mattress selection which shows how to comparison shop with mattresses like apples to apples and they have discussion information sections which afford you the opportunity to learn what other people who have purchased similar products have said.

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